The Review: Can Penny Stocks Make Me Money Fast???’s Online Courses And Tools Do Work… tim sykes review

..And he takes profits too soon…

The claims made on by founder, Tim Sykes:

A transparent stock trading community with 3 “Gurus” to teach you penny stock trading and the necessary tools…

I decided to buy Pennystocking Silver – And A Few Trading DVDs they offer…

I discovered…

  • You get honest trade reviews by Gurus and traders since provides
    verified trades through brokers..
  • allows you to track your trades against other traders and creates accountability – with the intent of positive feedback to become a better trader.

99% of penny stock traders lose money in the market…How do Gurus make you the 1%?

These Gurus have years of experience and the profit charts to prove their gains.

Timothy Sykes currently has over 20 years of penny stock trading experience.

PLUS there are plenty of stock trading tools to make you the best trader…

  • 1000’s of video lessons…
  • Daily stock watch lists…
  • Chat rooms…
  • Real time trade alerts…
  • 3 styles of trading by different gurus…

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The #1 Guru at is… tim sykes review

Timothy Sykes Timothy Sykes is the penny stock day trader. He made short selling penny stocks much more popular and is the most popular Guru.

His unique teaching style is great for individuals looking to take profits in one to two days.

He currently has over $4.7 million in trading profits.


What Are The Benefits Of A Guru?…

…Finding A Guru Allows You To Begin Making Money Fast! tim sykes making money

(okay, this takes a while….but it is very possible – if you are dedicated to it)

…Anywhere You Want. trade anywhere

A Beautiful View To Work From…


Thousands Of Penny Stock Traders Profit DAILY From

“There truly is no one quite like Tim. Bottom line, if you want to learn about penny stocks from someone with a keen grasp on this sector then he is your man. He is honest and very open.” – Ed Des review trading courses

These are real trading profits from students!

“When I first came across Tim Sykes I was deeply skeptical of his strategy. But Tim’s strategy works — since June 2008 I have averaged trading profits of over $100,000 per year and I have been successful enough so I now moderate Tim’s chatroom”. – Michael Goode aka Reaper

“I am already up $8,000 with my measly $3,000 account and I have learned so much from you by being on the challenge.” – R.L.

“Since I have been a TIM Trading Challenge member I am up from $3,500 to nearly $85,000, and am working full time. The lessons taught in your DVDs and video lessons have enabled me to profit.”   – Stephen Baldwin

“Before Matti’s(Triforce Trader) guidance, I was having terrible consistency issues. The majority of my trades were losers and I was in a real slump. The reality is, newbie traders are up against some of the smartest minds in the world and they lack the knowledge to succeed. Matti’s watchlists will give you the knowledge to succeed. His teaching style is very easy to understand and goes into great detail on each of his trades. The best part of the videos is the fact that you get to see his reasoning and process of WHY a trade is made. Finally, he teaches how to use the ichimoku cloud system which personally I’ve found to be the most accurate technical indicator around.” –Frank D

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The Final Verdict… Is Worth It?

Answer: Yes!

Bottom line:

We decided that you CAN make money fast with penny stocks…

… and you really must have the best:

  • Tools
  • Courses
  • Mentors

To make money fast, you have to learn how to trade even faster.

You need the best online stock courses and gurus!

The penny stock markets are firing up and no time is better to start learning…

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Art of the Penny Stocks F.A.Q.

Where are the best stock trading courses or online trading academy for beginners? is the #1 highly recommended website for stock trading lessons and more. There are 3 different gurus with 3 different styles. Timothy Sykes focuses on day trading penny stocks, Superman focuses on best stock pick alerts and swing trades and Triforce Trader focuses on options, futures, Algo’s and Forex. Most beginners start with Timothy Sykes’ subscription – you can click here.

What are best penny stocks to watch?

The better question to ask is what do I need to learn in order to find these hot picks! Although, each guru does have a “hot pick” alert or buy alerts if you’d like to follow those. You can find them here.

Can you tell me how to buy penny stocks?

You’ll need a broker first! E*trade, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity are great places to start. But remember, education first!

Is there stock trading for dummies?

Learning to trade doesn’t mean you have to be a genius or math whiz. In fact, it’s been stated that for learning the patterns, being less mathematical is better!

How do I make money fast in one day?

The goal is to take it slow and study hard. If you try to make huge gains in one day without the proper training, you’ll blow up your account. Don’t listen to the get 500%, 1,000% or more pitches. It is very possible to do that in under a year! But it’s low odds in one day.

How do I learn stock trading online for free?

There are courses on, video lesson and youtube! Although, from my experience, it is just best to pay for your education. The money you make is exponentially greater than the money and time you’ll put in.

Here’s to you becoming a successful, profitable trader..

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-The Penny Trader

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